Advantages of MOODLE

Using technologies is helpful to teaching and learning. Especially using MOODLE makes teachers easy control the students’ grades and preparing lectures.  It facilitates the collaborative learning in online courses. There are some advantages of using MOODLE. These maybe helpful to you.  (If you are more interesrted, see ):


  • No programming knowledge needed
  • Open source, Moodle software will alway be available
  • Import data from other learning systems (Blackboard and WebCT)
  • Support from the Moodle community to help you setup own Moodle environments
  • Advice and support on Moodle hosting

Moodle advantages over Blackboard:

  • Easier to maneuver (fewer “clicks”!)
  • Less area monopolized for navigation
  • Easier to incorporate multimedia elements
  • More tools available (glossary, poll, lesson, journal)
  • Track student activity to see which parts of the course are preferred
  • Quiz tool scores correctly and provides details on the studentýs use
  • Can be customized to add desired features
  • Features are robust
  • Survey allows as few as two choices

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